Grant Alerts, Projections, Calendars, & Webinars

Monitoring the Funding Landscape and Developing Grantsmanship

In addition to supporting a range of grant development activities for our members, the Hanover Grants team tracks funding opportunities in line with strategic interests and provides opportunities for members to develop their grantsmanship skills.

Grants Alerts (Weekly):

  • Every Monday, learn about the previous week’s grant solicitations of interest from federal agencies and select private foundations
  • Alerts are broken up into research and programmatic grant opportunities: Higher Education Programmatic, Higher Education Research, Healthcare Programmatic, and Healthcare Research

Grants Projections (Monthly):

  • Each month, Hanover looks three months ahead at major grant competitions, providing details on program background, key deadlines, and timelines for engaging Hanover for varying levels of assistance
  • Projections available: Higher Education, Healthcare, and K-12

Grants Webinars (Quarterly):

  • Every 6-12 weeks, Hanover conducts webinars on various topics of interest to our members to strengthen grantsmanship skills and deepen the knowledge of funding mechanisms

Grants Calendars (Biannual):

  • For Higher Education members, Hanover produces a specialized calendar each month, tracking grant opportunities across the coming year
  • Of interest to different types of institutions and to faculty in different areas of focus, these calendars include: Minority-Serving Institution Grants, Arts & Humanities, STEM Program Grants, STEM Research Grants, Health Research Grants, Early Career Faculty Grants