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Hanover Research: Higher Education Research Grant Alerts

Below is a recap of research funding opportunities that were recently announced, nationwide. While these alerts are intended to provide you with a broad-reaching overview of the opportunities available, we certainly want to hear if there are specific opportunities that you would like to pursue. Please let your Content Director know if you have any questions or are interested in learning more.

Our Grant Alerts dashboard profiles relevant previously announced national-level funding opportunities, which can be sorted by type, agency/funder, and date. Also, your dedicated Content Director and Relationship Director are ready to help with custom research solutions to the challenges you are facing.

Grant Name: NIH Directors Awards (R01) (NIH)
Summary:  The NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award supports individual scientists or groups of scientists proposing bold, groundbreaking, exceptionally innovative, original, and/or unconventional research with the potential to create new scientific paradigms, establish entirely new and improved clinical approaches, or develop transformative technologies. There are also three companion RFPs with similar due dates; the Pioneer Award (DP1), New Innovator Award (DP2), and Early Independence Award (DP5).
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due by September 3, 2024 (R01).
Grant Name: Lethal Means Safety Suicide Prevention Research in Healthcare and Community Settings (R34) (NIH)
Summary:  NIMH seeks applications to evaluate the preliminary effectiveness of therapeutic and service delivery interventions that utilize lethal means safety strategies to reduce suicide risk in healthcare and community settings. Behavioral health clinics that incorporate lethal means counseling into their programming have been associated with significant reductions in suicide attempts and death. Yet, the field is lacking strong evidence on the effectiveness of these strategies tested in healthcare and community settings. Pilot effectiveness research will advance knowledge regarding optimization strategies, therapeutic change mechanisms, and inform decisions about whether further effectiveness testing is warranted.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  LOIs are due by June 15, 2024.
Grant Name: Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in Basic Biology of Aging (P30) (NIH)
Summary:  These center grants will provide funding for leadership, training, research, and outreach activities that will increase and disseminate scientific knowledge in areas supported by the NIA's Division of Aging Biology.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  LOIs are due by May 15, 2024.
Grant Name: BRAIN Initiative: Clinical Studies to Advance Next-Generation Devices for Recording and Modulation in the Human Central Nervous System (UH3) (NIH)
Summary:  This program aims to encourage investigators to pursue first-in-human or early stage clinical studies for recording and/or stimulating devices to treat central nervous system disorders and better understand the human brain. This NOFO is part of a milestone-driven cooperative agreement program and will involve participation of NIH program staff in negotiating the final project plan before award and monitoring of research progress.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  LOIs are due 60 days before standard NIH dates through January 2027.
Grant Name: New Approaches for Measuring Brain Changes Across Longer Timespans (R21) (NIH)
Summary:  This program encourages multidisciplinary investigators to develop exploratory, highly novel new approaches, or innovative applications of existing approaches, to measure brain activity, connectivity, genomics, or other aspects across the age spectrum of neurodevelopment. The overarching goal is to extend our understanding of brain development and aging, including studies of the neurodevelopmental origins of later health and disease, by improving repeated measures across longer epochs of the lifespan to better predict outcomes at later ages.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Standard NIH dates apply through February 2027.
Grant Name: Solar and Wind Interconnection for Future Transmission (SWIFTR) (DOE)
Summary:  This program supports innovative work to enable simpler, faster, and fairer interconnection of clean energy resources while enhancing the reliability, resiliency, and security of our electrical grid. There are two topics; Topic Area 1: Improved Efficiency of EMT Simulations for Interconnection Studies of IBRs; Topic Area 2: Dynamic Stability-Enhanced Network Assessment Tools.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due by June 28, 2024.
Grant Name: Advancing Sustainable Chemistry (EPA)
Summary:  The EPA is soliciting research for data, methods, and systems that lead to actionable, scalable change toward chemistry, chemicals, and products that support sustainable chemistry, as the introduction of more sustainable chemical products, processes, and technologies are needed to address emerging and growing challenges and opportunities for the economy, climate action, and environmental justice. 
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due by May 29, 2024.
Grant Name: Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Competitive Grants Program Education and Workforce Development (USDA)
Summary:  This program focuses on developing the next generation of research, education, and extension professionals in the food and agricultural sciences. Program areas include: professional development opportunities for K-14 educational professionals; non-formal education that cultivates food and agricultural interest in youth; workforce training at community, junior, and technical colleges; training of undergraduate students in research and extension; and fellowships for predoctoral candidates and postdoctoral scholars.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due by December 5, 2024.
Grant Name: American Cancer Society: Institutional Research Grants
Summary:  IRGs are awarded to institutions as block grants, providing seed money for newly independent investigators to initiate cancer research projects. The intent is to support these junior faculty in initiating cancer research projects so they can obtain preliminary results that will enable them to compete successfully for national research grants. IRGs can fund up to three one-year pilot grants at $40,000 each. IRGs may propose to budget the annual costs ($120,000) to fewer than three one-year pilot grants if they choose to do so.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due quite soon, by April 1, 2024.
Grant Name: Prostate Cancer Foundation: Challenge Awards
Summary:  PCF seeks high-risk, currently unfunded projects from academic institutions around the world. Grants will be awarded to teams of at least three investigators from nonprofit academic research centers and will support large-scale research projects concerning metastatic, lethal prostate cancer. Grants of up to $1 million per team over a duration of two years will be awarded. 
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  LOIs are due by April 8, 2024.
Grant Name: Genentech: Health Equity Innovation Fund
Summary:  Genentech specifically seeks proposals that address inequities in patient outcomes and healthcare workforce experiences across at least one of the following therapeutic areas: neuroscience and brain health, including but not limited to multiple sclerosis; oncology; ophthalmology; cardiovascular and metabolic disease, including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Pre-applications are due by April 15, 2024.
Grant Name: Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Climate Change and Human Health Seed Grants
Summary:  The fund invites applications for its Climate Change and Human Health Seed Grants program, which aims to stimulate the growth of new connections between thinkers working in largely disconnected fields who could together redirect the course of climate change’s impact on human health. Small, early-stage grants of between $2,500 and $50,000 will be awarded through the program.
Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions.
Dates:  Proposals are due by April 25, 2024.


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